The goal of Vita Ventura is to develop a community that is based on health from an evolutionary as well as an involutionary perspective. The first serves the regeneration of the community members, and the second serves their growth. The actual adventure is to create a self-sustaining life and business for this community between 2019 and 2027, with at least one centre in a Mediterranean climate on the Atlantic or Mediterranean coast.


The evolutionary perspective is based on the story about the life of our ancestors before they settle in different areas around the planet, where they start cultivating plants and breeding animals for consumption about 10000 years ago. According to this story, the people are healthy up to a high age, given that they survive the critical first few years of their life, as well as infections and other natural hazards such as attacks by predators.


The life of our ancestors until about 10000 years ago is naturally in tune with the cycles of day and night, the moon and the seasons; together in a group of different generations; in search of plants and animals for consumption, particular along the coast; more or less free from chronic stress, the type of stress that we can associate with modern diseases and other forms of health degeneration which are on the rise for the last 10000 years.


The involutionary perspective is based on the story about gnosis, which basically means inner knowing. It tells us that we are all here for a purpose, that we have a job to fulfil during each of our lives on planet earth, and that we are all connected. Deep inside, beyond the mind, we all know this. During each of our lives, we need to find out how we are programmed, and learn how to run this program so that we can grow, together!

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